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Treatments for these problems are recommended online by our expert Doctors from Delhi-NCR after having complete Tele Consultation with your Clients where they also get their unique patient ID and Password for case monitoring. Treatments can be managed online/ mail orders by prescription from Valeda Doctos. For certain Diagnosis/ Medicines/ Procedures Patients/ Clients may have to personally visit Valeda Medical Centre:

Unwanted Hair- Permanent Hair Removal (Not Reduction) only at Valeda since 32 years. For Male/ Females, by American Medical Association approved modalities even in Hormonal and Zero Result Cases of Mechanical Thermolysis / Electrolysis/ Needless/ Laser

Alopecia, Hairfall/ Hair Thinning, Dandruff, Premature Graying

Leucoderma, Acne, Post Acne Scars, Open Pores, Warts and Moles, Hyper Pigmentation/ Blemishes, Psoriasis, Eczema, Fungal Infection, Wrinkle/ Anti Aging Treatment, Skin Firming, Remedies for Black Lips, Dark- Ugly Circles around the Eyes Treatment, Dull Complexion, Sun Burn

Weight management

Cosmetology procedures including Warts and Moles removals, Permanent Eye liner making, Beauty Spot making, Split Ends treatment, Permanent Skin Coloring, Scars, Scratches Treatment through Laser and Galvanic, Eyebrow Shaping.

Ayurveda Spa Procedures: Constitutional Diet, Divine Detoxification, Relaxation, Shirodhara, Bhedan Kriya/ Acupunture

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