Today our environment, living style and eating habits have been deeply polluted by chemical elements. This has given rise to various physical & psychological disorders in human beings.  Modern Medicines themselves being manufactured from chemical elements are more palliative and can not contribute primarily towards curative treatments. Searching for curative solutions general public today is tired of administering Conventional  Medicines.  World instead  is in search of such an alternative system of medicines that not only is effective and scientific but is also not dependent on Modern Medicines. Our Gardian of Nation Mahatma Gandhi also visualized the same dream.
Valeda & its associated organizations have been working for over  20 years  in  developing   therapy procedures  that   can cure human suffering. TheYoga & Naturopathy Diploma & Certificate Course is one of the  steps to fulfill the same dream.  During its researches  Valeda  Medical Foundation observed that the present systems were lacking scientific approach. So it formulated its own curriculum on complete scientific principles and formed this Educational Institution.
Our Aim is to provide Internationally accepted scientific principles to our Yoga & Naturopathy Students. This job is done under the guidance of qualified Doctors & expert Yoga teachers whose in-depth experience, when shared by students, make them deal their client with a new flair of confidence and perfection.
Objectives of Naturopathy & Yoga Diploma /Certificate Course:
The purpose of the course is to assist the students to become a professional who is committed to the Promotion of health, Prevention of disease and Care & Rehabilitation of the sick. The Valeda Institute provides opportunities for the students to integrate & utilize knowledge, understanding & skill from the various fields of learning necessary in the fields of  Yoga & Naturopathy.
2½ Years Naturopathy & Yoga Diploma Course & 1 year Certificate Course:
1.  Admission rules: The advertisement for calling applications/sale of prospectus will be Publish in a leading newspaper in the month of April/May/June every year with the following guidelines.
A.  Application should be made on the prescribed form attached with the prescribed prospectus along with payment of fees as prescribed in the admission notification. Only applications duly filled in all respects & supported by attested photocopies of all documents mentioned in  form, shall  be  considered.  Last date for submission of fees shall be communicated only after selection of a candidate.
B.  Application received after due date shall not be considered.  The Institute is not responsible for  postal delays.
C.  Any ambiguity, erases, unattested cutting, false information and concealment of the information if detected in the requisite Application form will result in the cancellation of the candidature at   any stage of selection and /or during the course of study.
2.  Academic Eligibility criteria for admission:
Both male & female candidates possessing a 10th qualification for Certificate course & 10+2 qualification for Diploma  course from a recognized board are eligible to get admission.
3.  Selection procedure:
Selection will be made on the basis of percentage of marks obtained in 10/10+2 and 5% additional marks will be awarded to those candidates who are possessing higher qualification in science stream.  When 2 or more applicants have secured equal percentage of marks the applicant  having qualification in science will be given preference. Still when both  applicants  have qualification in  science, the one with higher age will be preferred.
4. Title of the course:
The courses shall be called as ''Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Yoga'' (NDDY)  /'' Naturopathy & Yoga Awareness Certificate Course'' (NYAC).
5. Duration, subjects and examination of the course:
NDDY -   30  months - 2 years of Theory & Practical and 6 months of Clinical training.
NYAC -  12 months - 1 year of Theory & Practical, Clinical training  is optional .
  The courses shall include a period of regular study of following Subjects:
1. Sarira Rachna Vijyana (ANATOMY), Sarira Kriya Vijyana
(PHYSIOLOGY) and Jiva Rasayana Vijyana   (BIO-CHEMISTRY)
2. Basic Principles of Yoga Nature Cure & Ayurveda.
3. General outlines of Principle School ''s of Yoga.
4. Yoga in Health and Disease.
5. Application of Methods of Nature Cure in Health & Diseases.
6. Nutrition, Dietetics and Cookery.
7. Hygiene, Public Health and Hospital Management.
8. Treatments of Disorders
With reference to applied aspects of Yoga. The courses also include the
practical training in Yoga & Naturopathy and Clinical Training after
completion of NDDY course.
6.  Medium of instruction: Hindi / English:

7.  Timing of training:

For DiplomaTiming
Days1st batch 8.00  AM to 12.00 PM
Mon., Tue. & Wed2nd batch 1.00 PM to  5.00 PM
For CertificateTiming
Daysbatch  8.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Thursday & Friday2nd batch  8.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Saturday &  Sunday 

8. Exam pattern:
There will be one exam of Theory and Practical every three months in each subject. The marks of internal examination will be included in the final result.
Note: If any student is found using unfair means in the examination, his/her admission will be cancelled automatically  without any notification.
9. Result:
Minimum qualifying marks: 40% in each subject of  Theory &  Practical.
2nd Division                         :           50% and above.
1st Division                           :           60% and above.
Distinction                             :           80% and above.
10.  Examination rules:
(i)         Passing in both Theory & Practical separately is compulsory.
(ii)        If a student fails in Theory or Practical of any subject he/she has t to appear again in both  for failed subject, Candidate shall be allowed to take supplementary examination if  held separately otherwise simultaneously with main examinations.
(iii)       After a second failure in the same paper the student may be allowed to take another supplementary/annual examination only at the discretion of the competent authority.
(iv)       If a student fails in three or more subjects he/she may have to repeat the whole year.
(v)        Student shall be eligible for examination only if he/she puts in 80% of the attendance of the classes. However an allowance of 5% attendance shall be given on medical grounds on production of medical certificate. In any case, the minimum attendance shall be 75%.
(vi)       Final examination result shall be displayed on the notice board of the Institute.
(vii)      In all matters of the Examination and results, the decision of the Examination committee/Director of VMF  shall be final.
(viii)Any student found indulging in any unfair or unethical practice during or afer examination he/she shall be debarred from the course.
11. Mark sheet / Provisional certificate:
Mark sheet & Provisional certificate shall be issued to successful student  two weeks after the declaration of results. Certificate or Diploma shall be issued on next convocation.
12.  Rules for rechecking of answer sheets
·                    Application for rechecking is to be submitted within 2 weeks from the date of publication of result.
·                    Rechecking in practical exam is not undertaken.
·                    Fees chargeable for rechecking of the result is Rs. 100 per subject of the exam taken and should be deposited  personally in the office on working days.
·                    The candidate is required to produce a photocopy of his/her mark sheet issued along with application form for rechecking and also attach self-addressed envelope with postal stamp of  Rs. 10/- affixed thereon.  
13. Late Fee:
The Tuition Fee is payable by 10th of each quarter. In case of the last day of the paying fees of any month happens to be Holiday or a Sunday the fee should be paid on the following day.
Late payment attracts fine of Rs. 50/ for the first days & @ 5/per day there after. If the payment of Tuition Fee is not made within a month of due date the name of the students shall be removed from rolls.
The Tuition Fee & other fee once paid is not refundable on any account. In case of discontinuation of study or removal due to non-payment of dues for the quarter in advance or due to violation of rules & regulations the students shall have to forfeit his/her claim for the refund of the security money.
.All fees are payable in cash only.
14. Library:
Library facilities are available to all students. Each student will be issued a maximum of   1 books at a time for reference only. If the Library books are not returned on due time then there after no book will be issued to him/her in future and a fine will be chargeable.
15. Dress & Identity card:
Students must wear white apron inside the Institute premises. Each student shall carry his/her identity card at all times. A duplicate identity card may be issued if the original is lost against a payment of Rs.25/- and submission of an indemnity bond and a F.I.R. From the concerned police station. Identity card shall have to be surrendered on completion of the course.
16. Rules & regulation:

  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or unbecoming conducts in the premises will  render a student liable to be dismissed. In such cases Principal''s  decision will be final.
  • Any damage caused to the property of the institute must be made good by the student concerned.
  • Students are responsible for the loss or damage of books, equipments, tools and  instruments used by them, the losses so made has to be paid by the student or otherwise will be deducted  from his  security deposit.
  • Though all precaution are taken to prevent accidents, Institute will not be held responsible for any accident during the course.
  • Permission for leave of absence from classes must be taken in writing from the authority of VNYERI in advance.  In case of illness, a Medical certificate must be submitted.

17. Following are strictly forbidden within the Institute
1. Possession or use of Alcoholic Beverages.
2. Possession or use of Addictive or Hallucinogenic Drugs.
3 .Psychotropic Drugs
4. Smoking
5. Gambling
6. Possession or Use of Fire Arms or any Lethal Weapon
7. Use of Cell Phone
8. Ragging of any kind.
Important Dates

Sale of prospectus w.e.f.

15 –April

Last date for receipt for supply of prospectus.  

01-  July By post


07- July By hand

Last date for receipt of complete

08- July upto 7 PM

Application form
Declaration of selected candidates


First list

10- July

Second list

12- July

Third list

14- July

Fourth list

If required

Date for taking Admission 11- July For 1st List
13- July For 2nd  list
15- July For 3rd  list upto 12 PM

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