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Since these principles of Athervveda related mostly to the sciences of longevity by promoting positive health and natural beauty, the name Athervveda distorted to become Ayurveda (Ayu = Life and Veda =knowledge). It is believed that Ayurveda has been helpful in rejecting sufferings of the entire animal kingdom and had been adopted as the spirituality of entire world.
The usage of Indian herbal treasures for the Human Wellness and Skin & Hair Care and for the maintenance of beauty is not only depicted in the ancient religious books Ramayana & Mahabharata but is also mentioned in medical and scientific historical studies. It is mentioned that the King Indra suffered with serious sexual dysfunction, which was corrected by Ashwani Kumar, the learned herbologist.
The Foundation of Valeda dates back in 1880 when keeping up the tradition of Herbal Care and Cure was a noble soul Arjan Dev Bali. He dedicated his life in formulation and dispensing herbal decoctions in township of Jabailpur near Rawalpindi with backdrop of Margalla Hills on the Potwar Plateau in Himalayas.
The healing touches of rare Medicinal herbs continued with his talented Son Gokul Chand Bali between the years 1920 to 1950. The place of this Great traditional herbal research changed after partition of India. Still maintaining the Himalayan touch, the venue of activities for incorporating invaluable herbal knowledge to formulation for benefit of mankind was now in foothills near Dehradun. 
The mantle of this herbal dynasty was with knowledgeable Pishori Lal Bali who continued traditional herbal magic till 1996. By this time his scientifically educated sons had joined the family tradition and what was continuing as Nature’s Service to Mankind shaped in as commercial business activity from1986 under the brand VALEDA.
The term Valeda  (Latin Val= Strong) meaning Strong and Healthy was for holistic wellness and in particular to salute the over 100Years of family tradition in Herbal Care and Cure.
Valeda’s scientific researchers in India and overseas compiled such traditional knowledge and placed them along with modern sciences for complete Human wellness, to effectively treat Skin diseases, to enhance Beauty and to retard Skin Aging.
Valeda today is an International brand with activities ranging from Beauty care to focused Medical care and Training. Doctors at Valeda took benefits of traditional herbology to formulate a range of over one hundred external application products used in almost every part of the world.


Mr. Rajesh Bali

Mr. Rajesh Bali,Managing Director
Rajesh Bali’s exemplary work in the field of Herbology got him much recognition from the higher echelons.
He was conferred with:
“MAN OF THE MILLENNIUM AWARD” by Hon’ble Speaker of Delhi Vidhan Sabha, Ch. Prem Singh, on 27 January 2001 , for his outstanding individual achievement and distinguished service to the nation.

“MANIYAAR AWARD” 2nd NOVEMBER 1997 As a token of respect for exemplary contribution in the field of Herbology.
“PRIDE OF THE COUNTRY AWARD” by Hon’ble Speaker of Delhi Vidhan Sabha ,
Ch. Prem Singh, on 11th September 1999, for outstanding individual achievement in the field of Herbal Cosmetology.
“UDYOG BHUSHAN AWARD” on 15th NOVEMBER 2000 for his contribution to the development and export of Indian Herbal Cosmetics.
“INTERNATIONAL AYURVEDIC AWARD” on 27 May 2001 by Shri I.D. Swami Hon’ble Minister of State for home Affairs, Govt. of India for his valuable contribution to the progress in Ayurvedic Sphere.

Dr. Seema Bali

Her efforts were aided by specialization in Acupuncture from Ganga Ram Hospital and in German BFD instrument handling from Athwalines, Surat . Her belief in 200 years old Indian System of Medicine took her to complete her super specialization in Ayurveda as well. The passion to relieve patients from their skin disorders made her take Leucoderma as her topic of research for her Master degree in Medicine.

To compile her efforts she put in long hours in National Medical Library, B.B. Dixit Library A.I.I.M.S., OPD of Hedgewar Hospital and other prime Medical Institutes of the country.

Dr. Bali’s hard work and research started paying, as her dream of relieving patients of their years of suffering from Skin Cancer, Alopecia , Hyper and Hypo Pigmentation, White patches, Urticaria , Blemishes, Psoriasis, Eczema, Hair Falling, and other skin disorders materialized. Even the holistic treatment approach she incorporated for treating female disorders and sterility also showed amazing results. Using basic of Homoeopathy, her expertise in Acupuncture and her fellowship with American Association and International Guild she could succeed in amalgamating holistic science with modern developments. She believes that awareness amongst sufferers is an essential part of healing up. Her articles in various Magazines, her TV programmes, Free Medical Camps are some of many endeavors in this direction.
Today Dr. Bali heads a team of specialist doctors who work on LAN system from Belgium to shorten selection of appropriate remedies. She personally monitors all the cases to the best of her possibility. The successful start of Valeda Franchise in Hong Kong in June 2000 and the innumerable presentation in India and abroad are part of the lady’s shining armory.
Awards & Recognition
She was conferred with:
“PRIDE OF COUNTRY AWARD” by hon’ble Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Delhi, Choudhry Prem Singh on 11 September 1999 . For Valuable Contribution in the field of Medicine.
“ GLOBAL FASHION MILLENNIUM AWARD” 16 Dec 1999 . By hon’ble Minister of State for Finance, Government of India Sh. Bala Saheb V.K. Patel for her Extraordinary Service to the Nation.
“PRIDE OF THE COUNTRY AWARD” by Shri M.S. Saathi. Hon’ble Finance Minister, Delhi on 15th Nov. 2000 for her Valuable Contribution in the field of Medicine.
“GOLD MEDAL” by Shri. Prem Singh hon’ble speaker of legislative Assembly of Delhi on 27 January 2001 for her Achievements in field of Medicine and for her Contribution to The Progress and Development of the Nation.
“BHARTIYA RATAN AWARD” by Shri I.D. Swami , Hon’ble Minister of State for Home Affairs, Government of India on 27th May 2001, for her Outstanding Individual Achievements and for her Distinguished Services to the Nation.


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